His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad pointed out that the North of Lebanon has become a dangerous base for extremism against Syria, reiterating the Syrian ever preparedness to provide support to Lebanon, in the form the Lebanese want.

" The North of Lebanon has become a real base for extremism; it poses danger for Syria," said H. E. President Al-Assad in an interview with the Lebanese Al-Hawadeth Magazine; pointing out that the Doha Accord has driven Lebanon away from the brink of civil war.

Regarding the International Investigations into the assassination of Former Lebanese Premier, Rafiq Hariri, H. E. said: "The uncovering of the assassination crime against Premier Hariri does serve directly Syria," pointing out that this issue is an international and a Lebanese matter; "An exchange of the embassies does not mean the recognition of the independence of Lebanon; hence we ever recognize the independence of Lebanon," underlined H. E. President Al-Assad.

In reply to a question regarding the recently carried terrorist attack in Damascus, President Al-Assad said: "I have always warned against terrorism, asserting that the wrong policies regarding our region do create the fertile soil for terrorism," calling for the rallying of every and all efforts as to eradicate the epidemic of terrorism realizing secure life for all.

"Every party or state who want to play a role in the region should pass through Syria," asserted His Excellency President Al-Assad noting that Europe could play a pivotal role , not to mention the fact the Europe could also help the USA, as far as the objectivity needed for in dealing with the region issues.

In reply to a question, President Al-Assad noted that the Palestinians are paying the price of their divisions; noting, in reply to another question, that the Americans are not interested in pushing forward the political process in Iraq, and that the US approach for handling the Middle East files is a military one based on war, and not a political one.

Regarding the Syrian-Iranian relations, H. E. President Al-Assad reiterated that they are not and would never be at the expense of Syria’s relations with the Arab Countries; and that they help the stability of Middle East, and would never be influenced, if Syria were to reach to an agreement with Israel.

In reply to other questions, H. E. President Al-Assad lauded the Syrian Turkish relations saying "Turkey is faithful to her relations with Syria,"

President Al-Assad excluded the possibility of privatization in Syria, pointing out to the measures taken as to combat corruption, which have achieved success.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, 30,September,2008