Assad: Syria's Position towards Resistance Solid

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stressed that abandoning the Resistance was not a Syrian interest, noting that Damascus position towards the Resistance is solid and consistent.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Al-Manar TV from Damascus, Al-Assad confirmed Syria had no desire to abandon the Resistance. "Syria's political discourse did not change, and will not change until Israel's occupation changes," Assad emphasized.

Assad denied France has suggested that Syrian should stop its backing to Resistance movements in the region, mainly in Lebanon and Palestine. "The issue is very clear; we don't see any interest in abandoning the Resistance. Moreover, our position towards the Resistance is fix and solid. It never changed," Assad said.

Al-Assad reiterated the necessity to abide by the dialogue strategy in order to reach stability in the region, but he noted there was a fear that some international and regional or even Arabic sides that wouldn't favor the dialogue path.

"The dialogue course wasn't adopted in a many Western countries who were adopting the isolation policy as well as the intimidation strategy. Some of them is even adopting a war policy," Assad highlighted. "It's just lately that new tendencies started to emerge," he noted, adding that "it is not possible to say that we are in ideal circumstances for dialogue between states but we are attempting to found the bases of such dialogue." He also said that developments were rushing in the region, noting that priorities change in nearly a weekly basis."Today's dialogue would lose its impact in one month," Assad pointed out.

The Syrian President noted that his country speaks with the West through the language of interests, not of offering gifts. He said that the peace process was completely postponed until a new US administration takes office.

 Assad accused the current US administration of working against peace. He wondered how it was possible for an administration that doesn't believe in peace to sponsor peace talks. "But we differentiate between mediator and sponsor," Assad emphasized, explaining that "Turkey is currently playing the role of mediator since the talks are indirect. When we move into the direct negotiations' stage, we will talk about sponsor whose role is not merely delivering messages and ideas between the participating sides but mostly giving guarantees to apply mechanisms so that the peace process sees light."

Assad admitted that "whether we like it or not, the US is essential in the peace process," deducing that all issues are waiting for a new administration to take office, finding strange that all sides agree with Syria in this point.


Hussein Assi 04/09/2008