"President Bashar pursues the march with strength and determination toward his objectives and the objectives of the Arab Nation. The Syrian steadfastness under president Bashar Al-Assad increased her power,”

'Ashahar' Magazine issued in Paris, 14-7-2001.

  "Every single citizen in Syria and in the Arab homeland keeps a close dear image of President Bashar Al-Assad, an image for the president and the citizen in whom they saw reflection for their concerns, and dreams; all felt that he talks like them, in their names and on their behalves in Arab, Islamic Summits, and in his meetings with international officials and European leaders.”

'Ashahar' Magazine issued in Paris, 14-7-2001.

"In president Bashar Al-Assad's case, we see the very balance of stances, and the exceptional ability in confrontation, complete clarity in formulation of modern plans, programs.” Joseph Harib, Lebanese Writers Union Chairman.

"President Bashar Al-Assad is the son of the distinguished Arab Academy  established by the late president; he has a strategic vision and  an ability to assimilate all stances and causes,"

The Lebanese ' Al-Bairaq' daily. 

  "President Bashar Al-Assad has a modern way of governing the state  and  distinguished ability to assimilate world changes; he is a  Statesman of the first class.''

The Lebanese ' Al-Bairaq' daily.

  "President Bashar is a Statesman of the first class when he asserted  that the general strategy of development should consider historical  circumstances pertaining to Syria.”

The Lebanese ' Al-Bairaq' daily.

 “President Bashar is a man of no fear, no haste, no rush, no fear of responsibility neither belittling of its charges.”

The Lebanese As- Safir Daily. 

''President Bashar never cares about the occasion; accomplishment is the most important thing for him.”

The Lebanese As- Safir Daily.

 Bashar Al-Assad, after a year in presidency is more self-confident and more  confident ,in his father's footsteps, of the correctness of the policy adopted by late president; President Bashar is preoccupied now with how to add to the legacy of Hafez Al-Assad not only with how to maintain and protect the legacy.”

The Lebanese As- Safir Daily.  

''president Bashar Al-Assad's talks with the Europeans made a big gap in the Israeli influence in Europe; President Al-Assad reaped some international justice, a justice liable for expansion once the Arab countries were to very well read the outcomes of President Al-Assad's European tours.” 

Al-Kifah Al-Arabi Magazine.

 “What president Bashar offered for Syria and for the national cause of accomplishments was so great by all accounts and exceeded all expectations.’’

Dr. Joma Atiqa, Libyan Professor and human rights representative. 

“President Bashar represents the Arab national conscience; he has been able through his distinguished performance to live in every Arab conscience.’’

Jamal Mabrouk, Assistant Secretary General of the international organization for Peace, Care and Relief.

 "President Bashar represents the ambitions of the Arab nation in defense of the nation just causes; he stood firm in support of these causes during his important visits to Europe.’’Fou’d Dabour, Assistant Secretary General of the Baa’th Party in Jordan.

 “ President Al-Assad remained firm to the national Syrian principles and stances in adhering to Arab rights, just and comprehensive peace.”

Sai’d Zyab, Secretary General of the Jordanian Wahda Party.

 “President Al-Assad has made of the Arab steadfastness cause and confrontation of Israeli expansionist schemes top of his priorities.”

Monir Hamarna, Secretary General of the Jordanian Communist Party.

 “Syria under the leadership of president Bashar would defeat all its enemies and foil all hatched conspiracies.’’

Mahmoud Sharif, Jordanian ex-information Minister.

 “President Bashar has been keen on cementing relations between Syria and all Arab countries and initiated new horizons for co-operation.’’

Mosad Rashid Haron, the Kuwaiti Minister of Education and Higher Education.

 “President Bashar has proved political wisdom and good planning for Arab ands Islamic causes.’’

Mohammads Ali Tashari chairman of Islamic and Cultural Association in Iran.

 “President Bashar has been able through his ability to clarify matters and to convince public opinion of the Syrian right to defend herself.’’

Hamid Riza Asifi, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman.

 “President Bashar has been able to prove high proficiency and efficiency in directing matters as well as in surmounting difficulties.’’

Dr. Sabah Zanka, Advisor for Iranian Foreign Minister. 

“President Bashar is characterized with wisdom, courage, vitality and farsightedness.’’

Valantine Kupotsov, First Deputy of the Russian Communist Party.

 “President Bashar is a professional president of  the strategic vision; he leads Syria with all confidence, ability in adherence to the national principles.’’

Prof. Alexander Sarimov, Director of Afro-Asian countries in the Russian Cultural Centre.

“In less than a year, president Bashar has proved himself as a Statesman; he enjoys love and trust inside Syria, respect and appreciation in the Arab and foreign countries.’’

Alexander Vilionik, Chairman of Economy Department in The Russian Academy of Science.

 “President Bashar is a wise, courageous leader; he is committed with a crystal clear vision.’’

Walid Ido, Lebanese Parliament member. 

“President Al-Assad was able courageously to make views clear as far as  the domestic, Arab as well as international matters.’’

Mahfouz Nihnah, Chairman of Peace Society in Algeria.

"We, in Algeria, are proud of President Bashar as a president and as the best successor for the best predecessor.’’

Zhor Wainas, Algerian Parliament member.

"President Bashar possesses political wisdom where he has been able to balance between continuity, modernization without changing the Syrian basic principles.’’

Saida Bint Jilis, Algerian Former Minister. 

“Syria under the leadership of president Al-Assad is the example for Arab national conscience and would ever be a steadfast castle in the face of the Zionist aggressor.’’

Noraldin Al-Sad, Algerian writer.

“President Al-Assad is the best successor for the best predecessor; he never surrendered Arab rights, never hesitated in supporting Palestinians, and in providing all means of support for the Lebanese resistance.’’

Khalid Al-Sufiani, Chairman of the Moroccan Society in support for Palestinian Struggle.

 "President Bashar was able to present the Arab and Syrian vision of peace to the western public opinion.’’

The Egyptian ‘Ahram’ Daily.

“President Bashar has been able during the short term of his presidency to prove shrewdness in political work and to continue the realization of achievements for his people.’’

Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Al-Jaber the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad’s moves at the Arab and international arenas stem from a firm national faith in the Arab nation causes and from a strategic vision of standing challenges. Syria’s position would be boosted by this young president; his language is that of achievements on the ground with no exaggeration.’’

Dr. Usama Al-Baz, Egyptian President Advisor.

 “President Bashar is very clever, knowledgeable and active; in a very short period he has proved to possess efficiency and ability to direct the affairs of his country. A promising and brilliant future is expected for Syria under the leadership of president Bashar, equipped with zeal and enthusiasm.’’

Dr. Kamal Kharazi, Iranian Foreign Minister.

"President Bashar has proved ability in leading Syria and seriously dealt with regional and international developments.”

The Euro-Arab Mediterranean Centre. 


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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