H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad underlined in his recent inauguration landmark speech the need as to deal with some urgent issues as to solidify, fortify and immunize Syria. No priority can be higher than dealing with the cited  challenges by H.E. President Al-Assad. For overlooking these facts is tantamount to being separated from reality:

 Today, together, we start a new stage that is characterised by a consensus to protect our nation and to rebuild it morally, psychologically and materially and a consensus on eradicating terrorism and bringing back into the fold all those who have lost their direction

We start a new stage having overcome dangerous and critical challenges, thanks to the steadfastness of our people in the face of a terrorist and psychological war, until we reached the presidential elections – the elections that expressed Syria’s full and unified independence.
Looking forward to the future, we need to address the large gaps that have appeared in our national fabric.
This requires our concerted efforts and our standing shoulder to shoulder in the next stage, which means an interactive relationship between the people, their leadership and their government. 
The role of a leadership does not eliminate the role and contribution of the people; similarly the presence of a leadership or a government should not imply total reliance upon it. 
This interactive relationship means that we move forward together towards the desired future, if we mean to succeed in our endeavour.
Hence the word ‘Sawa’ or ‘together,’ which focuses on enhancing the sense of responsibility in every one of us ensuring we move forward as one nation.

It means that we shall rebuild Syria together, that we shall continue to strike terrorism whilst concluding reconciliations so that no Syrian remains in temporary housing or refugee camps.
It means that together we shall fight corruption with the necessary laws and morals, and strengthen our institutions by focusing on equal opportunities and eradicating nepotism.
There should be no excuse for negative thinking and negative attitudes in dealing with our national challenges.
We must acknowledge that many of the negative aspects in our society are the product of a common culture that has become ingrained in our minds, making it difficult to replace; the only way to do so is to build a proactive, cooperative and altruistic culture.
Some people might be asking how possible this is when officials do not respond to initiatives and ideas.
It is a legitimate question, but we cannot generalize; there are always those who listen and are interested.
We must not tire or give up; we must continue to try every possible way to make our voice heard and contribute to the process of rebuilding, development and correcting our mistakes.
But wars impose their reality on the ground and we need to prioritize.
There is a heroic army defending the country with many martyrs; on a daily basis, there are innocent victims because of terrorism in different parts of the country; there are those kidnapped and missing who have left behind families living on the hope that they will return; there are also those who have been displaced from their houses and become homeless.and there are those who have paid the price of this war with their livelihoods and are no longer able to provide the essentials for a decent living.

As H.E. President Al-Assad underscored the challenges are huge and the tasks are burdensome. Our success in dealing with our difficulties and our self-confidence should not make us complacent. Our enemies are treacherous but our will is strong, and with this will we shall turn this ordeal into an opportunity. As long as we have the will to act, let our achievements in the future be of the same scale – and even greater – of the price we have paid.

Yes, Your Excellency, what you say and declare is the straight path for your citizens: Indeed, the new stage has begun, and we are fully prepared for it. Syria deserves all our effort, sweat and work; And we shall spare nothing in the same way that our heroes have not spared their blood or their lives. And as long as you are the president of all presidents and the master of reason and logic as you are  always  one of us, living amongst us, guided by our opinions and inspired by our awareness, together, hand in hand, Syria will remain strong, proud, resilient and inviolable to any foreigner; and we Syrians shall remain the strongest fortification for Syria and her dignity.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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