H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has recently taken  the Constitutional Oath for a New 7-year Presidential Term. For the majority of the Syrians who elected him he is indeed the Oath because the Syrians infinite trust in him is indeed sacred. H.E. has been defending all against every injustice, evil, aggression and terrorism.

President Bashar Al-Assad won a third 7-year presidential term with the absolute majority: 10 million, 319 thousand and 723 voters voted President Al-Assad with an 88,7 percentage.11 million, 634 thousand and 412 Syrians participated in the balloting process. 15 million, 845 thousand and 575 Syrians were eligible for voting. 442108 balloting papers were considered invalid, according to the Supreme Constitutional Court.

You have been steadfast and committed to your homeland, president Al-Assad said to the Syrians in his historic inauguration speech on this glorious day in Syria's modern history. You are one people with one heart, added H.E. President Al-Assad to his own people, who wanted, decided and implemented what they aspired to practicing democracy and voting for their constitution and parliament.

 The presidential elections for the steadfast Syrians has indeed been the battle for the enemies of Syria as to delegitimize the state and for the Syrians as to announce their true belongingness to the homeland and as to defend the sovereignty, legitimacy and decision, H.E. President Al-Assad pointed out. " the presidential elections have been the referendum against terrorism in all of its forms." President Al-Assad outlined asserting that the terrorists and their masters were defeated by the Syrians tsunami voting, including those voting by the Syrian expatriates abroad in defense of Syria's integrity, sovereignty and dignity.

The big turnout of the Syrian voters abroad reiterated that the brutality and terrorism of the terrorists were the reason behind the Syrians leaving of their homeland. "the presidential elections have been like the bullet targeting the terrorists chests." Added H.E. President Al-Assad asserting that all empires of politics, media, and oil are nothing compared to the Syrian national steadfast stance and that such empires are able to inflict harm and damage but are unable to succeed.

"the implementation of the Constitution is the most pivotal way as to protect the homeland" in the face of the dirty war against the Syrian People, who only possess and make the future, underlined H.E. President AL-Assad. The enemies targeted Syria as civilization, culture, role, added President Al-Assad, asserting that the ongoing in Syria targeted the structure of the homeland, the national identity as well as everything throughout Syrian history.

The ongoing is but preplanned for the region and has been clear since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and would never be restricted to our borders , H.E. President Al-Assad underscored, blasting the silence of Turkey's Erdogan over the ongoing Israeli crimes against Gaza and his crocodile tears over the Syrians, for who Erdogan sent terrorists and cannibals.

President Al-Assad asserted that the scheme targets not only Syria but aims to proliferate terrorism which has no borders and that the states supporting terrorism would pay a heavy price for such a support. "Syria is to continue striking at terrorism everywhere relentlessly until we restore safety to every spot in Syria," President Al-Assad pledged.

H.E. President Al-Assad pointed out that the solution for the ongoing is made by the Syrians through combating terrorism, reconciliations, and dialogue. " the political solution is based on domestic reconciliations. The reconciliations do not  oppose nor replace national dialogue about the future of the homeland and the form of the state," said H.E. President Al-Assad, pointing out that the dialogue would exclude non-national forces nor those forces which tried through their stances to cover the terrorists.

H.E. President Al-Assad underlined the important role of morals, good upbringing, the society, family, investigative media in developing the state administration, administrative reforms, and in combating corruption. "corruption is the biggest challenge for any society or state; our priority is to combat corruption," outlined H.E. President Al-Assad.

"reconstruction in all fields and economy sectors, support for handcrafts, small and middle industries, as well as for public and agriculture sectors" are among the state priorities during the coming stage underlined H.E. President Al-Assad.

" the Syrians have consensus on the protection of the homeland, reconstruction as well as on eliminating terrorism," asserted H.E. President Al-Assad.

" the relations between the Syrians and their leadership is an interactive one. SAWA (together) we would rebuild Syria and move forward towards the future, said President Al-Assad in his remarkable inauguration speech. SAWA refers to President Al-Assad's presidential elections campaign title.

"the steadfastness of the Syrian people announced the death of the so-called "Arab Spring" and redirected the compass. Had such a "spring" been real, it would have started from the states of Arab backwardness ,"  President Al-Assad added.

Sarcastically and rhetorically H.E. President Al-Assad asked about Arab's non-support for Gaza with money and arms, asserting that the ongoing against Gaza isn't separated from the ongoing in Syria as implementation by the states of tyranny and backwardness in the Arab World.

"the Palestinian Cause is ever our central Cause and based on the principles and reality of the ongoing in Syria and in Palestine. We are to ever stand by the resistance Palestinian People." H.E. President Al-Assad said.

President Al-Assad pledged to liberate every span of the Syrian territories from terrorists, particularly Al-Raqa and Aleppo Governorates, highly appreciating the role of the Syrian Army and Defense Forces in combating terrorism and thanking the resistance role of friends in Lebanon, Iran, Russia and China in defending the sovereignty of states.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim