The President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, spoke on behalf of the majority and addressed all who have hearts, humanity and minds. It has been, among many other things, the discourse of the most courageous elected leader to the most coward ewes, who fell nothingness and absurdity; these symbols of rotten pre-historic half-men, and this is the fact of the matter; the discourse of the most courageous leader to the most brutal and greedy colonialists, who have been afraid even of the Syrian expats votes! It has been the popular Syrian decision to go forward and pursue the march of building, reform and progress. It is a call for justice, mind and reason as to how the slaves and their masters should reconsider their sinful and criminal practices against the cradle of civilizations, humanity and religions.

The President of Syria has given all a unique example of how to stand up high and steadfast and defend his country and people against every enemy, every greedy and most importantly against terrorism. He has been sincere, transparent, and courageous in protecting not only Syria, the region, but the whole world from the scorpion of terrorism. The President who sacrifices the most precious of everything in the battle of freedom, dignity, sovereignty, independence and fight against terrorism and extremism has alone the floor to speak. The ewes, colonialists and illusioned should shut up and be all ears to learn how to in dignity and honor defend the noble and just causes. H.E. President Al-Assad is alone the icon of humanity, reason, logic and democracy in this part of the globe.

 H.E. President Al-Assad delivered his inauguration speech almost in every world language; the humanity, simplicity, transparency, nobility, and even sadness, grief, laughter  and smiles at times, made his speech the true reflections of human feelings, thoughts, and aspirations. It has been a human sharp cry in the face of injustice, treason, corruption, terrorism and in fratricide. It has been the discourse of the biggest heart in this country to large segments of representatives of the Syrians among the attendees, and in every place inside Syria, as well as in the region and worldwide. It is another session of frankness, openness, sharing and caring between the president of all presidents and his people. It has been a show of power and strength between the Syrian Army Commander and his air, land and navy troops. It has been indeed the integration, harmony and interaction between the Syrians and their beloved President, whose words made all of us forget the pain and suffering inflicted upon us during more than three years of our war sacred against terrorism.

From failure to another go the ewes and colonials; you are a failure; and now it is the time to make a u-turn as to save your own people from the fires of terrorism. Thus, this has been part of the message by the Syrians' hope. Syria and Syrians kneel only for the Almighty God, and the ewes and colonials should refrain from wasting their petrodollars and efforts and should leave us to our own taken decisions and Syrian Al-Assad made and tailored modes of life and togetherness SAWA.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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