May 13, 2004 

President al-Assad said "As a small country, we were considering the United States as a country that encourages stability in spite of the differences." 

On the repercussions of the occupation of Iraq on the region, the president said:" The United States has become a source of instability for the first time. "It is the chaos in Iraq. There are weapons being smuggled into Syria, and also the growing extremism and a feeling of hatred against the United States that have never existed before."

 On the issue of terrorism, H. Excellency said "Terrorism should be directly linked with Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, indicating that the war in Afghanistan and then in Iraq "has aroused hatred" that may feed "any terrorism." Calling for tackling the reasons in Iraq and in Palestine. 

On the dismantling of the chemical weapons on the eve of the declaration of the US unjustified sanctions against Syria, His Excellency noted that Syria "has been exposed to pressures in that direction" and stressed that the issue should include " the dismantling of the nuclear weapons in Israel" which is being exposed to "pressures in the opposite direction" by the United States. 

The president concluded by saying "The result we have reached is that the United States is not honest," adding that Damascus sees that "the mere presence of this (Israeli) government, constitutes a direct threat." 

President Al-Assad said "if any Syrian citizen is asked what he wishes, his answer will be food stuff and not parties." Asserting that the priority was also given to security and that the Syrian economic reform were progressing ahead.

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