''From God we come and unto him we shall return.''

 The brother of His Excellency President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, Mr. Majd Hafez Al-Assad passed away today December 12th, 2009.

The late deceased, suffering from a chronic disease, was born in Lattakia in 1966. He graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Economy in 1989.
To the righteous soul will be said: "Thou soul in complete rest and satisfaction. Come back thou to thy lord, well pleased thyself, and well-pleasing unto him.''

 The late was laid to rest in Qirdaha, Lattakia, Syrian Coast, the birthplace of Al-Assad Family, Sunday December 13th, 2009. Tens of thousands of saddened mourners poured into the city since dawn, and offered heart-felt condolences to His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, the eldest brother of the deceased, and to the members of His Family. 










DAMASCUS, JULY 3, 2009_ His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad sent a congratulations telegram to his US Counterpart, H. E. President Barack Obama, on the occasion of the 236the Anniversary of the Untied States Independence Day. 

H. E. President Al-Assad voiced on behalf of the Syrian Arab People and of His own the best of felicitations and wishes to H. E. President Obama and to the friendly US People.

 H. E. President Al-Assad underlined that the values adopted by President Obama during his election campaign and after his election as President, are the values that the world of today is in need for; hence it is of top importance the adoption of the principle of dialogue in international relations among states on the basis of reciprocal respect and interests.

 His Excellency President Al-Assad pointed out that the world is facing serious challenges and that the dialogue based on respect for the international law is capable of confronting these challenges.

 H. E. President Al-Assad called for the rallying of efforts as to end every kind of occupation enabling all humans to live in dignity and with freedom.






DAMASCUS February 2, 2009- His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad underlined that the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian People in Gaza Strip, though of is barbarity , brutality, and the means of killing and destruction used by Israeli occupation forces, failed to achieve its objectives as to destroy the Resistance imposing its will upon the Palestinians of Gaza Strip, who were able through their steadfastness and heroic resistance, to foil all the political schemes accompanying the aggression as to impose surrender solutions on Arabs. 

Presiding the National Progressive Front Central Leadership (NPFCL) meeting, H. E. President Al-Assad reviewed with (NPFCL) Leaders the recently taken place political developments in the Arab Region, which were characterized by serious challenges for the Arab Nation and Causes, in particular for the Palestinian Cause

His Excellency President Al-Assad underlined Syria’s openness before all efforts that might realize Arab Solidarity, support Arab Joint Action securing the Arab interests, reinforcing the Arab Nation force factors, facing up the Zionist settlement project. Further, President Al-Assad reviewed the Syrian domestic condition and the ongoing development projects as to face the consequences of the world economic crisis. 

(NPFCL) Leaders and members have presented during the meeting their respective viewpoints regarding the political, economic, and services sectors, highly appreciating President Al-Assad’s National Heroic stances in commitment to the National Basics and Rights. 

The National Progressive Front (NPFCL) was established by President Hafez Al-Assad, the builder of Modern Syria, in 1972 grouping today more than 9 political Parties: the Baa’th Arab Socialist Party, Arab Socialist Movement , Arab Socialist Union , Communist Party of Syria (Khalid Bakdash faction) ,Communist Party of Syria (Yusuf Faisal faction) , Social Democratic Unionists , Socialist Unionists , Syrian Social Nationalist Party , Democratic Socialist Unionist Party ,Arabic Democratic Unionist Party and National Vow Movement.




DAMASCUS JANUARY 24, 2009- His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad received Saturday morning Mr. Khalid Meshaa’l, Hamas Movement Politburo Chairman, and member of Movement Executive Office.

 His Excellency President Al-Assad congratulated during the meeting the Palestinian People, for the victory achieved by the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza Strip, asserting that the failure of Israel in the accomplishment of the objectives of its aggression against Gaza, though of its use of every lethal weapon, is but an evidence for the Palestinian People commitment to their inalienable rights to their land, home, as well as to their deep belief in the definite victory against the aggression and against the occupation.

 Hamas Movement Delegation members highly appreciated Syria, leadership as well as people, for their all-out efforts in support of the Palestinian People steadfastness in Gazaduring the time of the aggression as well as during the time after.

 The members declared that Syria is the first leg in their tour of thanking for the countries which have supported the Palestinian People during the aggression, in light of the Syrian big role in the accomplishment of the Resistance victory in Gaza.







DAMASCUS JANUARY 22, 2009- His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad received Thursday evening a phone call from His French Counterpart, H. E. Nicolas Sarkozy; Presidents Al-Assad and Sarkozy reviewed during the call the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

His Excellency President Al-Assad reiterated during the phone conversation the necessity for the lifting of the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip, the opening of all crossings, working for the securing of a dignified life for the Palestinian People, and for the ending of the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

 For his part, President Sarkozy voiced satisfaction over the ceasefire in Gaza Strip asserting the necessity for the stabilization of the ceasefire, lauding the efforts exerted by Syria for this purpose.

 Presidents Al-Assad and Sarkozy have decided to remain in touch and in coordination as to follow up all developments. 

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