"With an inquisitive look at the past decades, we see that a big backward movement has taken place in the states of this region, which was accompanied by the emergence of new and different concepts, particularly in the last decades, foremost among which is the concept of the new world order, or globalization as some call it. It is something different from the world order. But we see there is a mix, knowingly or unknowingly, between the two terms. Globalization which is a political, economic and cultural case, is not new. Islam, since its emergence, has crossed geographical borders and penetrated the various nations and cultures. But it did not cancel them, rather it asserted commitment to the homeland and nationhood, building this commitment on sound foundations that are, to a large extent, different from what we see in our current case. Consequently, the hardships and the negative aspects from which we suffer at present are not an absolute result of globalization, which could be a case full of positive aspects if it rested on justice and equality as Islam rests on, in addition to the other principles of Islam."

" The New World order in its literal sense is not like this. ‘’ World’’ is understood as the participation of all world countries and their agreement on a certain way or method for running the affairs of this world in a manner that realizes their interests without exception. What we see today, however, and what we experienced during the past few years is not a world order; it is the order of a state or a few states on this planet, and the rest are mere states swimming within this world order., Some of them float to the surface with difficulty, and must continually prove their good will, obedience and commitment. They are always wrong and are required to atone for their sins. Others have sunk to the bottom to stay there until further notice. Thus, what conforms to the desires of those states has become democracy and justice, and what realizes their interests is human rights human rights and civilization."

"Regardless of one or different terms given to this order, or the theories that come up from time to time, some of which call for submission to this order, others caution against it, and still others call for resisting it, it is actually a complete scene depicting the absence of balance in this world. This balance is not necessarily of economic or military nature; it is rather a balance of values, ethics, and concepts. It is a balance of justice and equity among peoples and nations, between West and East, between North and South. Resistance seeking the liberation of the land should not be described as a militant struggle in one place and terrorism in another.
" Nor are human rights the rights of a state in one country and the contrary in another country." Moreover, democracy was described as backwardness by certain people whereas commotion was promoted to the rank of democracy by other people. But the most serious of paradoxes resulting from this situation is the classification of human beings into classes, the criteria for which remain unknown to us. For instance, we see that the killing of two soldiers of the murderers in the Israeli army is much more important than the fall of dozens of martyrs of innocent Arabs, Moslems, and Christians, in Palestine, and thousands in Lebanon and other Arab and Moslem countries. And the capture of three occupiers in the occupied Lebanese territory raises much concern whereas dozens of kidnapped Syrians and Lebanese, and hundreds of Palestinian and Arab detainees do not move the conscience of the International Community."
"It is very strange that lists should be issued to determine the value of a human being with a certain people and other lists for other peoples.
Democracy is now explained as a right to interference in the internal affairs of other countries and peoples. And when those countries ask for democratization of relations with others, they are taught lessons that those should accept others’ opinions, who refuse the other in terms of opinion existence, religion and principles of right and goodness."
"This situation about which I am talking is the cause of suffering mostly for our Islamic peoples. During the post-world Second period, i.e. the so-called Cold War period, the conflict between the two blocs, socialist and capitalist, was crystal clear. This conflict created contrasting axes and gatherings. States dominated others under varied pretexts. But at the same time there were calls for dialogues of civilizations. Those calls increased in the post- Cold War era due to increased conviction that the reasons of international tension have ended. Apparently this was not suitable to the interests of some, so they created a new enemy in order to keep the tension stay-put with its entailed reasons and justifications of hegemonizing various states and regions of the world."
"This new enemy that emerged in the nineties is our Islamic religion, the religion of justice, love and ethics, which was deformed in the media and education to look as a religion for killing, extremism and terrorism. Whenever there is unrest in any region in the world, fingers of accusation are pointed at Islam, even though there are no Moslems in that region. And every act of destruction or terrorism is considered done by a Moslem until the opposite is proven and most often the opposite is proven. But the accusation remains."
"In parallel, the Islam was fought through nurturing extremism which was used to strike against Islam and Moslems as some have convinced others that this will protect them against the danger of Communism. Now, this extremism, which is being promoted from outside the Islamic nation, is pictured as true Islam- with the intended purpose of continued deformation of its clean and pure picture. Israel is the most skillful in deforming this picture and other picture. Nothing is more indicative of its skill and dexterity than its calls for help which we hear nowadays with regard to what is going on in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the other occupied Arab territories. It is calling, in a manner provocative to the feelings, for a cease of Palestinian violence!!! And a cease of destroying the Israeli tanks by stones used by the Intifada children and youngsters!! It is showing the victim as the murderer and the killer as the innocent, and showing the Palestinian people who lived on the land of Palestine uninterruptedly for thousands of years as no longer having the right of living on the land of their grandfathers. Rather, it is showing that the Aqsa, the first Qibla and the third Holy Mosque, is also an aggressor on an alleged temple, in the existence of which they want to convince the world even though they have to falsify history. They want to place before the Arabs and Muslims two alternatives: either this Aqsa Mosque remains under Israeli sovereignty-with the implied purpose of destroying it in Future; or it remains under Israeli air sovereignty, with the eventual incidence of bombing it by planes whenever they want to ( and they certainly want to ) and with underground sovereignty, eventually pulling the land from beneath it, and pulling the carpet from beneath history and Islamic existence on the land of Palestine. Here Israel racism appears crystal clear… Al Aqsa with its Islamic dimension and Al-Quds with its Arab dimension, both Islamic and Christian, have become a danger threatening historical Zionist expansionism. Therefore, they are perpetually endeavoring to blow up and obliterate those dimensions."
"Those words are not of our own thinking, nor do they rest on expectations and analysis coming from nothing. They are derived from Israel’s history and practices since its inception in 1948. If we disregard the countless crimes and massacres, we cannot overlook the Israeli attempt of burning down the Aqsa Mosque over thirty years ago, which was a fundamental reason for the convening of our first Conference, not to mention their continued attempts at judaising Al-Quds through destroying its Islamic and Christian landmarks and through asserting that it is the united and eternal capital of Israel, despite the fact that the Torah talks about the land of Canaan, which is Palestine. The Canaanites were an Arab tribe who built Al-Quads three thousand years BC The existence of the Hebrews in Palestine throughout history was only short-lived and distant intervals as a minority amongst native inhabitants of the country."
"This Israeli arrogance and practices which have no connection whatever with the ethics and teachings of any heavenly religion could not have happened without encouragement and support from several states. The Israelis kill … and Arabs and Muslims are accused of being terrorists and anti-Semite, although they Know very well that we are Semites and older than any other Semitic peoples."
"They crush the principles of human rights … and we are condemned and described as not humane and ignorant. They curse the old Nazis and exercise the practices of a new Nazism about which we never read in history books. The Israelis pile up chemical and nuclear weapons … our governments move up asking the concerned states and sides to work for the removal of such weapons, and the answer comes in the form of bombing a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan ( and if they are asked for an answer, they have one for every thing … they will say those are medicines of mass destruction !).The Israelis violate the United Nations Charter from A to Z … and Libya and other states are besieged. Iraq is destroyed for the sake of UN resolutions and UN resolutions are destroyed for the sake of Israel."
"The last of those regrettable matters, yet funny at the same time, is that resolution 242, which is one resolution, is interpreted in the Syrian direction differently from the Palestinian direction, because they believe that UN Security Council Resolutions are to be interpreted according to latitudes, longitudes and coordinates. But this will be change our 
convictions in the need for reaching just and comprehensive peace based on UN Resolutions and on the principle of land for peace, and Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Golan and from the occupied Palestinian territories back to the lines of 4th June 1967 as well as complete Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Lebanese Territories, and giving the Palestinian people their complete rights including their right to self-determination, repatriation of refugees and an independent and sovereign state with Al-Quads as its capital, in addition to the release of all Arab detainees imprisoned in Israeli jails and detention camps."
"This is our stance which we repeat at every forum and on every occasion, emphasizing that human beings never have been divided into a chosen people and other peoples who came up by accident. Every creature on this earth is chosen by Al-Mighty God, who is the source of justice in the universe. He did not give the land to those who do not own it and He will return it to those who lived on it for thousands of years, no matter how long it takes and whatever sacrifices are made."
"Our peoples’ expectations from us are great. Their frustrations in the past and present are greater. Some call for Jihad. But this does not imply that those people want war. All of us assess the circumstances and know the capabilities. They do not ask for more than the possible which our states can provide, particularly as a conviction has been generated amongst a lot of those peoples that many states, especially Israel, do not wish us good, and they endeavor to keep us within our current conditions of poverty and backwardness so that we keep on paying the price and they receive the payment materially and morally. Since we are meeting here, not with the purpose of calling for war, but to let the whole world listen to what we say, at least let this voice be loud and heard; otherwise our voice will remain inside the walls of this hall, without influence, without value. From this place we call for severing relations with Israel for the purpose of deterring and preventing it from continuing its murderous acts against the Palestinian people, from desecrating our Islamic and Christian monuments and harming our rites and beliefs. We also emphasize that the fate of Al-Aqsa Mosque is the core of the currently raging conflict between the Zionist and the Muslims. Wrong is he who believes that the relation with Israel contributes to the protection of this edifice and protection of the Palestinian People. On the contrary, this relation contributes to its destruction, which is prohibited by Islam. We can not forget to stress also the importance of strong relations between our states and peoples, consolidating solidarity and integration among ourselves in all domains. It is our hope that this meeting will be a good opportunity for the resolving of disputes between the countries of our Islamic Community."
"We hope that this, our Conference, will not be a Conference of good will, our religion is the religion of good will and righteousness. Obedience is to God alone, and commitment is to Islam, the nation and the homeland. Let this Summit be a gathering for proving our desire and our ability for having a place in this world. And as our great Messenger, Prophet Mohammad has said: " A strong believer is better and more loved by God than a weak believer ."

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