Mrs. Al-Assad Inauguration Speech of the 1st NGO Conference 

'''The civil society plays an increasingly more important role in support of development process in the world. In Syria, the number of NGOs has been notably mushroomed, with 300 percent increase for the last five years. Most importantly, the civil society activity has covered new fields, never so before, like education, vocational rehabilitation, health, environment, not to mention the support of the civil society to small and medium economic initiatives and many other fields. This qualitative development clearly reflects but the seriousness of the Syrian Government in the supporting and enabling of the civil society, out of their conviction that the civil society is one of the basic factors in the ongoing development and building process,'' said Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, Syria's First Lady, in a remarkable speech during her inauguration of  the ''Emerging Role of Civil Society in Development'' Conference, the First NGO International Development Conference of Syria organized by the Syria Trust for Development, Damascus, December 23, 2010, declaring the would be soon issued Governmental Law  for Syria's NGOs.

''The sustainable and successful development of every society, as you know, is the one that is based on the large venture of available and organized human resources, and on interaction with foreign experiences,'' said Mrs. Al-Assad, calling upon Syria's NGOs as to improve their administration; draw out ambitious and realistic visions and programs, rehabilitate their cadres, and as to consolidate a team-work institutional and transparent mechanism  of action, with many innovative ideas  and modern technology implementation to the best of investing available resources. Further, Her Excellency Mrs. Al-Assad underscored the importance of the realization of the just and Comprehensive Peace, citing the concomitance between stability and development.

''We have neither to be concerned about failure, nor to have our willingness weakened, when we work for the success of civil society experience in development process. We indeed have to transform mistake into beneficial lessons,'' added Her Excellency the First Lady Mrs. Al-Assad, citing the standing partnership between the Syrian Government and NGOs in several joint projects, highly appreciating the Syrian Arab Society fertile social background, based on the deeply-rooted solidarity and unity among every social class and sector.


Edited  & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, December 23, 2010.


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