Mrs. Al-Assad's  SOMENA National Team Statements  

Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, Syria's First Lady, paid a field visit to the Syrian National Team participating in the 7th Regional Special Olympics, Damascus, September 22, 2010. Among the said by Her Excellency are the following according to SANA:

 "We in Syria have dealt with this Olympics not only as a sport, but also as an event related to the whole society. Subsequently, the society should completely participate, not only the categories and segments concerned."  said Mrs. Al-Assad.

"The success you have achieved corrects the society's perception towards disability and the disabled through your aspiration, commitment, determination and your capabilities which you have been able to prove over the last nine months." said Mrs. Al-Assad.

"Today, it is impossible to talk about integrating the disabled into their society because they are already a part of it, and you were able to prove this matter in a strong and tangible way…The issue of disability nowadays has entered all the Syrian houses as it became the main point of discussion by the Syrian community due to the efforts you have exerted " Mrs. Al-Assad said addressing the players.

"The Olympics is an opportunity for you in the next stage as you were able to introduce the Syrian society to the disabled people and how much they could contribute to building society and to excel, now it is time to introduce yourselves to the Arab and regional society who will watch you during the Olympics in the coming period to see how much you have been able to contribute and how ambitious you are," Mrs. Al-Assad said.

 She added that the participation of 23 countries in the Olympics is an opportunity for benefiting from the rich experiences of these countries and contacting and getting introduced to them as players, coaches and administrators, and at the same time it is an opportunity to introduce the others to our rich and unique experience in a way that makes them benefit from it."

Mrs. Al-Assad concluded by saying" This event has a benefit for you which you must invest, and at the same time you should benefit other people…whether you win medals or not, you are heroes in the eyes of the Syrian society."

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