His Excellency President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad blasted Saturday the Israeli anti-peace policy and practices and called upon Arab countries to halt all forms of cooperation with Israel.

“The Israeli aggressions against the Arab Nation are in full swing and in the increase recently to target the Holy Aqsa Mosque and to threaten the very existence of Palestinians,’’ President Assad said condemning the notorious Israeli Likud Leader, Sharon’s provocative visit to the Holy Mosque in contempt for our rituals, sanctities, believes, and feelings.
"We have ever been honest and sincere in our search for the just and comprehensive peace. The Israelis, however, walk against the tide of peace where their statements contradict diametrically their anti-peace deeds,’’ noted the President in a speech at the opening of the emergent Arab summit in Cairo.
Assad reiterated that Israel has to pay a heavy price for its committed crimes and slaughtering of Palestinian and Arab civilians.

His Excellency said while we were seeking and searching for peace, Israel searched for war. We opted for peace as the strategic option when Israel approached peace as a tactical option. 
“The Arab Nation opted for peace on the basis of the implementation of UNSC resolutions and the principle of land for peace stipulating the full Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in June 1967 in the Golan, Palestine, including Jerusalem.” Assad reiterated.
“Peace also is based on the return of the Lebanese land, still under Israeli occupation, securing the Palestinian people rights to return and establish an independent State with Jerusalem as the capital, the freeing of all Arab prisoners and detainees from Israeli jails and detention camps’’ HE stressed.
His Excellency urged Arabs to take pride in the heroic Lebanese experience in the field of resisting occupation that inflicted a humiliating defeat against Israeli occupation troops in South Lebanon.
President Assad noted that Arabs weren’t war-advocates but they had to '' take well-studied resolutions as to use available capabilities to the best of Arabs abilities deterring Israel from repeating its violations and aggressions..
‘’ We have to halt all forms of cooperation with Israel, to reactivate Arab boycott. What we presented of ideas and mentioned of suggestions would push the Israeli leaders to think of walking along the road of the just and comprehensive peace. This would make them realize the difference between peace and weakness option regarding the Arab nation,’’ President Assad added.
The president called for stronger Arab solidarity saying “ Arab Solidarity is an option of power and deterrence through a National Project,’’. 
He added that some Arab countries established ties with Israel with the aim of pushing the peace process, but this peace process did not make a progress but was rather in a state of recession due to the Israeli practices and the daily increased intransigence. 
President Assad called upon Arab leaders to reach to defined formula for solidarity and stick to them based on a strategic position as to face the current situation in light of the Israeli assaults in the occupied Arab land.
‘’ There should be boosting of the Arab national security and dealing with any aggression staged by Israel against any Arab country as an assault on the other Arab countries ,’’ the President said.
‘’ Let us take into consideration that what Israel is doing now in Jerusalem and the other Palestinian territories is a probation for the Arab ability over tackling cases of aggression that it would build on its future expansion over the security and dignity of any state of us,’’ the President added.
His Excellency called for the establishment of a “ national fund financed by the Arab countries to back the steadfastness of our brethren in the occupied Arab land until peace that we were aspired to would be realized.”
He noted that he did not find any excuse for not holding an Arab summit in a regular way and said the Arab differences would be less significant than the foreign danger threatening all our countries and peoples.

M. Abdo Al Ibrahim