Our great Ba’ath party has been a strong edifice of liberation will remain firm and invulnerable, the pillar for any stability and the virtual element of any change and achievement. The party will also remain faithful to the values of the first Ba‘athist leader President Hafez Al-Assad. I was brought up by the Ba’ath Party and its ideas, and I was descendant of a toiling family whose faith, ideology and terms of reference belonged to the Ba’ath Party. The B Ba’ath Party will remain our terms of reference. 

I experienced the atmospheres of the Congress and following up all its rich sessions which certainly lived up to the expectations of all people and their aspirations. My main preoccupation will, as usual, to unceasingly work to achieve interests of the people and the homeland.

 Our congress is held under more stable internal circumstances where all people are united under the national ideology of our great leader President Hafez al-Assad. And this is a point of strength by itself in the interest of the Ba’ath Party. The conference which was held directly after the death of the nation's leader, the Ba’ath Party secretary general who proved once again and in a very clear manner the firmness and stability of this policy in addition to the strength and firmness of the state's establishments. This is what we see in every street and proves that our party is strong by our establishments and our leader's policy.

 Unity seems a demand for European states. The two Germanys were united and many states are looking for economic or political blocs with other states which have no substantial connection with them. It would be better for the Arab states which have many historical bonds to look for realizing unity even if it were in stages. If it has not so far been realized, it remains a legitimate target.

 Freedom has become a set target in all countries of the world and for all peoples more than anytime before. It turned into a subject of political auction by many regimes, parties and other different organizations. Freedom remains as essential subject in life. As for socialism it is a concept applied by every society in its own way and in the form which realizes its interest. It is a flexible concept which cannot be put into a static word. There is socialism in France and its popular base is the strongest today. Socialism of China is surprising the Western world. There are many states either ruled by socialist parties, or these parties play a basic role in their political life.

 The continuity of the party is guaranteed as much as it remains consistent with reality and its developments. Intellectually some views see that our party has become one of the traditional parties which has been over-passed by time. What draws the attention here is that some of these views have found their way to some party members. They have become prisoner to a number of ideas which view today's world free of ideologies replaced by economic interests and modern technology in defining policies, or that party's slogans have no future. Therefore they began to repeat these views without understanding their meaning and contents. 

As you know I am one of the very enthusiastic people for the technological and economic development, but I reject that idea in its absolute sense. I discussed this point in my different dialogues with officials and journalists, especially foreigners who used to ask such questions. My answer was that the Party's ideology and slogans of today still go and are consistent with this age. 

The Ba’ath party's relations with the authority must be organized on sound and effective bases where the party's role should indulge in details of administrative and authority works and where the function of the administrative power should not exceed limits through dominating the party establishment. 

There are duties awaiting us and many challenges encountering us. We all have to be responsible to confront these challenges and to carry out the national duties firmly, confidently and collectively.